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Focused Application of Agrochemicals

Some drones not only monitor, but can also apply inputs such as fertilizers or pesticides, based on prescription maps, reducing the amount of inputs needed and minimizing environmental impact.

dron fumigador

Digitization and Data Management

Drones are a key tool for precision agriculture, allowing the creation of digital maps of the field and the management of large volumes of data that can be analyzed to detect patterns in the evolution of your crops.

monitoreo de cultivos con dron

Time and Cost Efficiency

Drones can cover large tracts of land in a short amount of time, making them much more efficient than manual surveys. In addition, they require less labor, which reduces operating costs.

inspeccion aerea de cultivos

Accurate Data Collection

Drones equipped with advanced technology, such as multispectral and thermal cameras, can collect detailed and accurate data on the state of crops, allowing you to make decisions based on real and reliable information.

analisis termico de cultivos

Improvement in Decision Making

With the detailed information provided by drones, farmers can make more informed decisions about when and where to plant, when to irrigate, when to harvest, and more. This optimization of the decision-making process results in higher yields and better quality of your products.

inventario de cultivos con dron

Early Detection of Anomalies

Through frequent and detailed data collection (RGB, multispectral, and thermal images), we are able to identify problems such as pests, diseases, or water stress at an early stage, allowing corrective action to be taken before significant losses occur.

analisis multiespectral de cultivos con dron

Precision Agriculture supported  in drones is a technological innovation that is revolutionizing the world of agriculture, providing a series of key benefits that significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of agricultural practices. The following are some of the most significant advantages of this technology:

Precision Agriculture

+56 9 53563912

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+56 9 53563912

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